• Shana Rose

Vereda Central Cafe: Oakville Ontario's Hidden Gem

When Juan of Vereda Central Canada reached out to invite me to his and his wife Laura's cafe, I was intrigued. I had never been to Oakville before and had no idea what to expect.

I was blown away!

Besides falling in love with the town, I loved how Oakville embraced this new addition to their community and Kerr Street. Photographing the evolving community space over the next few months allowed me to get to know all corners of the coffee shop. It was an enjoyable journey capturing its quick development from a newcomer into an Oakville, Ontario staple coffee stop.

The owners of this lovely spot, source their green (raw) coffee beans directly from coffee growers that they know personally in Colombia. They then roast the beans, batch by batch, downstairs in the Oakville location. This is some of the freshest coffee I have ever tasted, and the story behind it makes it all the more special.

Watching each bean going around and around, being toasted to perfection was magical. I got to see Juan taking care to go through the beans and pick out the perfect ones to give the highest quality to their customers, both in store and in coffee bags to bring home. They then prepare espressos and drip coffees to order and with a smile, in addition to a huge menu of specialty drinks, food, and treats to go.

Vereda Central Canada consistently gave me an unforgettable experience that has me coming all the way from Toronto to visit, time and time again! I can not recommend Vereda Central, and Juan and Laura enough.

Keep latte living, Coffee Lovers, and we'll speak again soon!

- Shana Rose