• Shana Rose

Toronto Has a Cat Café: You'll Want to Adopt A Kitten

Two of my favourite things in the world are coffee and small fluffy animals. So, you can imagine my excitement finding out that Toronto has a cat café where you can get to know a dozen adorable little cats and kittens! Tot The Cat Café

Tee is a natural with animals, we even nicknamed him the “animal whisperer”, so he was even more excited than I was to pet every cat, and insisted we go ASAP.

The Café

When we got there on a Saturday evening, we were told there was about an hour long wait. Only a few people are allowed in the cat room at a time, to keep it from getting crowded. So, we decided to order our drinks and then hang out until it was our turn. There were a few options of snacks and a large drink menu.

Since it was very late in the day, we chose not to get caffeinated drinks for once! We ordered a milk chocolate hot chocolate and a chai latte. We also gave a donation to help out cats that need it. Then, we went down the street and got slices of pizza to enjoy with our drinks. The chai latte tasted as expected, but the hot chocolate tasted like pure chocolate and I downed it right away.

The Cats

We were let in immediately when our turn came. The gate was carefully opened and we slipped in quickly. Staff handed us some cat treats and suddenly we were surrounded by so many meowing adorable cats! Tee was obviously very popular with the cats.

Most of the cats were very friendly and playful. A few were resting and barely looked up and some were sleeping. At one point, a cat started hissing at another, and for the rest of the visit I avoided that one!

My favorite part by far was the tiny little kittens. There were two of them that had arrived together and were best friends. Honestly, this visit made me want to adopt a kitty! My heart melted when I petted them.

This was my first time so up close and personal with cats, and I am so happy I went! Watching them jump and play was so fun. You can even watch through the glass if you don’t want to go into the room. There were always people on the street stopping to look at them. If you love animals, I would say it’s worth a visit. I hear there’s also a Dog Café in the works! When one of those opens I’ll be the first to go check it out!

Would you go to a cat café?

Keep latte living, Coffee Lovers, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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