• Shana Rose

The 5 Best Coffee Shops on Dundas West

If you are looking for a great cafe in Toronto, check out the DuWest neighbourhood! Dundas West is an exciting street.The neighborhood is full of vintage clothing stores, top restaurants, and barbershops. But most importantly, there are plenty of coffee shops to spend your day at. Some of my favorites are found on this street! In honor of National Coffee Day, I had to make this list.

1. Tucana Coffee

This is the prettiest little espresso bar serving amazing Pilot Coffee. They also sell coffee beans from Cut Coffee. (Update 2019: Now called "Sam James Coffee.")

I love how as soon as you walk in you feel welcome and relaxed. The baristas are friendly and the coffee is great. If you are in the mood of some treats, they have baked goods including vegan options from Bunner’s! The unique flowery wall is the best part.


1413 Dundas Street West

2. Full of Beans Roastery

This indie coffee house has a unique side to it. It roasts its coffee on-site. It doesn’t get fresher than that! I love to walk in to the smell of caramelized coffee beans. I enjoy their baked treats, but their drinks are even better. And if you’re not feeling coffee, they have great tea and lemonade, which I had to have! You can spend an entire afternoon here, enjoying their books or getting work done.


1348 Dundas Street West

3. Run and Gun Coffee

This coffee shop is so beautiful and peaceful. You have a few options for seatings, including bleachers with pillows, which I found really cool! The beans are from local roaster de Mello Palheta, and baked treats include macaroons. It’s a great work space, with free Wifi and large tables. I also love the plants on display. They really give the cafe a peaceful vibe. 


1541 Dundas Street West

4. The Tampered Press


256 Crawford Street

This espresso bar is a very popular one in the community. There is plenty of space to hang out, with assorted tables and chairs. The interesting aspect of the cafe is how it was started by a nutritionist to help educate on healthy living. I can definitely get behind that! The atmosphere is homey, with board games to play and Wifi available.

5. Safehouse Coffee

The vintage sign above this coffee shop advertises an assortment of discount goods for sale, but now it is just home to a simple cafe. The floor here is pretty well known across Instagram with its black and white tiles spelling out “Hi!” The wall is full of interesting knick-knacks and the atmosphere is calm and relaxed. Safehouse Coffee is great for a quick visit, an afternoon on your laptop, or a sunny day by the window bar.


1615 Dundas Street West

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I hope you enjoy all of the new cafes you discover! Make sure to let me know what your favorite spots in the city are, and I’ll be sure to check them out. Keep Latte Living, Coffee Lovers, and I’ll speak to you soon!