• Shana Rose

November in All Black: Textures Photoshoot

Last month, I collaborated on a photoshoot with Josh (@geekonskates) , a photographer I met on Instagram. Working together helped inspire my own photographic work, (@photosbyshana) and since then, I have been super busy. There are photoshoots, networking meetups and best of all, classes. I have decided to go back to school in January to study Photography.

For the photoshoot, I wore one of my favourite colours, all black.

Dressing head-to-toe in one colour is a lot of fun. You can experiment with shades, textures, and fabrics. I chose knits, velvets, and fishnets for an edgy, yet feminine look.

Since the weather wasn’t too dim in October, I was able to take off my coat most of the time. Winter is a bit harder for fashion. I can’t wait for spring! The sweater kept me warm and I was brave enough to lay on the ground even though I got covered in leaves!

I was also inspired to wear my glasses again. I have had them for years and I almost never put them on! It turns out that I love how they look, especially on camera, so I’ll be wearing them a lot more from now on. I’m sure my eye doctor will be proud!

Collaborating with others on creative projects is a lot of fun! I was bursting with ideas as we walked around town finding props to play with. We found an old telephone booth for a vintage shot and a fence for a moody closeup of my eyes! While it was a more laid-back photoshoot, it was just what I needed to get inspired again.

I’m definitely excited to blog about more of my photography adventures in the future!

Keep Latte Living, Coffee Lovers, and I’ll speak with you soon!