• Shana Rose

Caravan Cafe Toronto: New Coffee & Tea on Bloor St West

Welcome to a new coffee and tea oasis in this Toronto summer heat. Around the corner from Bloordale Beach, Caravan Cafe's bio reads, "Welcome to our caravan, a gathering place for all manner of wanderers..." With that description, I am excited to step inside.

This Dufferin Grove coffee and tea house features bright blue footprints leading from their outdoor patio to the blue front of the shop. They offer a full drink menu, using coffee from Stereo Coffee Roasters, a local business. They also offer popular food choices, including waffles!

I adore the decor with a cozy feel, a variety of textures, and a pleasant array of fun knick knacks. Spot the red panda and Gandalf if you can.

I order the Mango Zobo Iced Tea (Hibiscus) and fall in love with both the colours and the taste. My barista proves to also be a great conversationalist and they tell me enthusiastically about the future developments to the shop. I'm looking forward to seeing them and updating you on events in the new space!

Hungry or Thirsty? Check out the new Caravan Cafe & Tea House in the Bloorcourt area. Keep latte living, Coffee Lovers and we'll speak soon!

- Shana Rose