• Shana Rose

7 Black-Owned Cafes in Toronto for Coffee and Food

Let's support local! During these extraordinary times, many of us have become increasingly aware of the need to support our communities. Buying our coffee and food from our community cafes will directly aid them financially and keep their business running. I've written this list of some of the black- owned cafes in Toronto, so we can all be sure to show our support.

1. Bu'na the Soul of Coffee

1176 Queen Street West

Bu'na is an Ethiopian cafe that is innovative by combining the celebration of Ethiopian coffee culture with third wave espresso. This cafe is run by Nunu, a professional Ethiopian chef, and her husband Chris. Their coffee is hand roasted and sourced directly from Ethiopian farmers. Get any coffee from drip style to a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony!

2. Congo Coffee & Mikate

Relocation in Process

Coffee entrepeneur, Nia Bangala, created this oasis of creative drinks and fluffy Congolese beignets in 2019. These are a "cross between funnel cake, pate à choux, hush puppies and Donuts" , and melt in your mouth! Make sure to visit when they reopen to lift your mood and fill your stomach with joy.

3. Kaspace Cafe

1183 Queen St E

KASPACE Cafe, the vegetarian extension to the KASPACE Boutique and Gallery, opened in 2019 by Kevin Allwood, a talented photographer and designer. There is a focus on Jamaican flavours and ethical food and coffee sourcing, so you can feel good with what you're enjoying.

4. The Loveless Cafe

1430 Dundas St W

The Loveless Cafe & Bar is a homey spot where you can get your caffeine fix at an unhealthy hour after all of the other cafes close. Enjoy the menu by Jamal and talented staff of specialty cocktails, Sam James coffee, and plenty of snacks on the side.

5. Mocha Cafe and Pastry

1290 Danforth Ave

Mocha Cafe and Pastry is known to be a staple destination for Ethiopian food in Toronto. They sell delicious coffee, desserts, and Ethiopian dishes at all times of the day.

6. Mofer Coffee

1040 St. Clair Avenue West


1577 Danforth Avenue

Mofer Coffee, "The Birthplace of Coffee", by Milkyas Tefera, sources their single origin coffee beans straight from Ethiopia. They then roast and sell these beans at the store locations! Whether you're there for a beverage, a pastry, or even green (unroasted) beans, this is the spot.

7. Rendezvous Toronto

1408 Danforth Ave.

From coffee roasting rituals, to the delicious traditional food, Rendez- Vous has everything to satisfy your stomach and heart. Banchi Kinde opened this venue over 18 years ago and has been sharing her passion with Toronto ever since!

These 7 cafes are one of many staple black-owned cafes in Toronto! I hope you will pay them a visit, or buy a gift card for the future, and help these local businesses continue to succeed.

Keep latte living, Coffee Lovers, and we'll speak again soon,